Steam Machine & Other Duties

The most powerful steam machine on the market!

DR-1200 Steam Machine with other numerous other cleaning applications.

  • remove posters & stickers
  • clean escalator plates
  • clean bird droppings
  • remove grease and sanitize food assembly lines
  • clean and sanitize tile and grout in washrooms (around urinals)
  • sanitize drinking fountains in public facilities
  • Even degreases automobile parts, engines, clean mag wheels, historical monument /statue cleaning, tile and grout cleaning.


Steam is clean and can be used to address most indoor and outdoor cleaning applications.

Before and after cleaning with our steam machine

Before and After

Proudly used by happy customers

Using European Steam Technology, Dr. Gum supplies the North American Jan-San Industry with the finest, most reliable and advanced steam machines on the market.

List of facilities (Customers) using Dr. Gum Steam Cleaning System.

  • Convention Centers.
  • Sport Stadiums.
  • Airports.
  • Transit Corporations.
  • Universities / Colleges.
  • Public School Boards.
  • Hospitals / Medical Centers.
  • Downtown Improvement Associations.
  • Shopping Malls.
  • Amusement Parks.
  • Facility Maintenance Companies.
  • Public Works Departments.
  • Government buildings and Libraries.
  • Historic Monuments and Buildings.
  • Parks and Recreation Departments.
  • Hotels / Motels.
  • Food Processing Facilities.
  • Escalator Cleaning Companies.

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