Gum removal machine

chewing-gum-removal Since its inception in 2005, Dr. Gum has become the leader in developing a gum removal machine that produces and delivers steam at over 150*C (over 300*F) and specializes in removing gum residue from any surface. To clean chewing gum, Dr. Gum offers three types of brushes that can be used on rough, smooth and sensitive surfaces. Dr. Gum brushes, both large and small size, are manufactured with the highest bristle count available, resulting in a longer life cycle for each brush. From our original DR-1000 model, Dr. Gum has modified and improved the performance of our gum removal steam machines. Dr. Gum manufactures and provides lightweight aluminum wands which sets us apart from other suppliers and makes gum removal operations easier than using plastic/synthetic wands. As well, we have developed a PROPRIATORY Dr. Gum cleaning solution that is non-toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally safe. Dr. Gum is committed to products that are not only certified “Green”, but will also perform gum removal operations effectively, efficiently and economically.


bubble-gum-removal-machine Our “patent pending”3 button control handle delivers steam and cleaning solution simultaneously to emulsify wads of gum in seconds. Over the years, the Dr. Gum Steam Cleaning System has proven to be the most reliable product on the market to clean unsightly wades of gum and has continually outperformed our competitor’s equipment. For more information about the Dr. Gum Steam gum removal Cleaning System, please contact us.

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