Eco-frendly Graffiti Removal machine solution

In 2005, Dr. Gum Inc. introduced a steam cleaning system to the Facilities Maintenance Industry in North America. Originally our machines were developed to quickly and effectively emulsify unsightly wades of chewing gum.

However, after intensive testing with our “Proprietary” eco-friendly, non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaning solution, Dr. Gum soon discovered that our cleaning system would also address numerous other visual pollution issues.
Before and after graffiti removal


Some of the most unpleasant issues facing our Cities, Communities and Municipalities are unsightly graffiti tags. The Dr. Gum Steam Cleaning graffiti removal machine can be used to clean graffiti from any non-porous surface. Using our graffiti removal machine with nylon brushes, the graffiti is removed, without damaging or scratching the surface being cleaned.

Recently, Dr. Gum has developed and is offering a pre-application graffiti removal liquid, which when painted on, will remove graffiti from brick, cinder block, cement and other types of porous surfaces.

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