See us in Action! World’s #1 Gum Removal Machine

  • Lightweight action for tough stains and simple contro
  • Chargeable battery Operated for eco-friendly use
  • High Heat allows for great results and fast action
  • Lightweight aluminum wands outperform our competitor's products
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    Gum Removal

    Since its inception in 2005, Dr. Gum has become the leader in developing/supplying a machine that produces …



    Graffiti Removal

    After intensive testing with our “Proprietary” eco-friendly, non-toxic, bio-degradable steam cleaning solution Dr. Gum …



    Steam Machine

    Our high temperature steam can also be used to clean bird dropping, escalator plates, remove posters and poster glue…


    The World’s #1 Chewing Gum Removal Machines!

    In 2005 Dr. Gum Inc. introduced a gum removal machine that utilized steam and a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to quickly, effectively and economically address and eliminate unsightly gum residue from sidewalks, carpets, furniture and any other surfaces where gum is found. Working in partnership with our customers, Dr. Gum Inc. continues to improve and modified our original steam cleaning system and has developed numerous improvements to assure that Dr. Gum machines outperformed any competitor’s products. Almost 15 years later, Dr. Gum continues to develop and provide the Jan-San / Facility Maintenance Industry with features that set us apart from other similar steam machines.

    Over and above our pledge to deliver quality products, Dr. Gum is committed to provide their customers with the best possible after sales service in the industry. This commitment to after sales service has been instrumental in building confidence, not only in our products, but also with the individuals who invest in our state of the art “ DR-1200 Steam Cleaning System”.